Servername Map Gametype Players
??????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BDawg ??????? DXMP_ParkingStructure AlTeam 1/32
<[( Sharpshooter Server with UT99 and Rune Maps )]> UT_HiSpeed Sharpshooter 0/12
<[(Sharpshooter Lite Server (For Less Downloading) )]> DXMP_CMD Sharpshooter 0/12
[Co-op] [Humans vs Bots] *CageMatch* by: Poor CageMatch_v2 PvBCageMatch 0/10
[Co-op] [Humans vs Bots] *CageMatch* by: Poor CageMatch_v2 PvBCageMatch 0/10
Alien Takeover [Humans vs. Aliens] By: Face AT_Spaceship_63 AlienTakeover 0/12
Cozmo RPG Version 2.0 | Mod by: Cozmo | Powered by: Atrey Cozmo_RPG_v2 MTLTeam 0/12
Sunny Side DXMP_Abandoned MTLTeam 0/7
The HURTFLOOR AUGS CDX 152b Neutral Ping DXMS_Iceworld CDX ATDM 0/10
~ x Hells Kitchen Augs Server x ~ DXMP_Haven_AE CDX BDM 0/16
~[FGS]Wunderland~ ALTFIRE 2014 DXMP_Frequency ANNATeam 0/20
~[FGS]Wunderland~ DXAG V-Server DXAG_Assault_V2 DXAG 0/12
~[FGS]Wunderland~ DXMP Mixed! DXMP_Close_Courters CDX ATDM 0/10
~[FGS]Wunderland~ DXSG Tactical Server~ DXSG_Area51Bunker_V3_152 SG Team Game 152 0/10